Hebrews 11: Taking God At His Word, Evans Olang

Hebrews 11:8-12, Vs. 8, “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going”

The journey of faith is simply taking God at His word even when it does not make sense. Its awaiting God’s timing without doubting His love. It’s pushing a rock you’ve been asked to push knowing you could never move it but taking comfort that a bigger hand will move it so you push anyway. And here we find the faith of Abraham, the friend of God, and father of the faithful with a series of events and times that required taking God at His word.This journey of faith begins with Abraham then flowing to Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Abraham’s faith is celebrated for his obedience to the divine call, quitting the country where he was, and going where he knew not. Leaving a land he knew his way around, surrounded by people he knew to a new land he knew no one only trusting God to lead him. This was an effectual call, by which he was converted from the idolatry of his father’s house, Genesis 12:1. This call was renewed after his father’s death.

Hebrews 11:8. Highlights Sarah’s faith which lay in receiving strength through it to conceive, bear, and bring forth a child past age of child bearing which was, founded upon the faithfulness of a promising God; hence from Abraham, by her, through promised son Isaac sprung a large posterity, like the stars of the sky, and the sand on the sea shore.

Going back to Abraham, he was told to leave his land to a land God would show him. By God’s promise at an old age, he received a son Isaac again taking God at His word. Not only that, by faith he was willing to sacrifice his son at God’s command knowing that God would raise his son. Some of the things he had to deal with were pretty hard to receive but He did. Even some of the promises given to him, he would not live to see but he embraced them by faith at a distance. Sojourning in the promised land, as in a strange one, in which Isaac and Jacob dwelt with him in tents. Looking by faith for the heavenly city built by the Lord.

What do we learn from Abraham, the father of faith? Faith can lay hold of blessings at a great distance, can make them present, can love them and rejoice in them, though strangers; as saints, whose home is heaven; as pilgrims, travelling toward their home.

God calls His people to an inheritance: by His effectual call He makes them children, and so heirs. This inheritance is not immediately possessed by them; they must wait some time for it: but the promise is sure, and shall have its seasonable accomplishment. Also to mention something profound, the faith of parents often procures blessings for their posterity. Have faith in God, have faith in God for your children. Take God at His word, go where He sends you, birth what He has promised in His time, duplicate your faith in others especially your immediate loved ones if you have kids, be faithful till the end. Blessings Ev

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