Digging For Truth, By Pastor Phil Sessa

“Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. ” (Acts 17:11)

A while back History Channel had been advertising a new show titled “Digging for the Truth”. I saw a huge sign on the highway that read this which made me think of the power of that statement. The program endeavors to offer a fresh and engaging approach to archaeology, and to dig for the truth and go to extremes to do it-whether it’s trekking through Ethiopia in search of the lost ark of the covenant, tackling the jungles of the Amazon while searching for the hidden treasures of the Incas, or descending into the volcano Vesuvius to solve the puzzles of Pompeii. WOW! In thinking of the concept digging for truth, what comes to your mind? Perhaps trying to get the real story from a child, teenager on what really happened. Perhaps a court room scene comes into mind like Law and Order, or CSI perhaps.

When archeologists dig for artifacts, they only discover what is beneath the surface of the land. As a Christian approaches God’s Word he or she should go with the same mindset as the archeologist,
which is digging for truth. As you dig into God’s truth, the Holy Spirit will illuminate words, phrases, passages, chapters, etc…to you. His job is to lead you into all truth, because He is the Spirit of truth (John 16:13). When an archeologist finds a bone during a dig, he doesn’t think, “that’s nice,” and walk away. No way, he digs, and tries to see if there are others treasures around that same area. When you hear a truth that someone has dug up, from a Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, a book, radio, TV, etc…, from the Word of God, do you walk away or do you return to the site (passage, verse, story, etc…) and start digging for truth?

When we go to God’s Word, we should go as students desiring to learn from the Heart of the Master. The Bereans were avid students and “archeologists” of God’s Word. They examined the Scriptures as if they were going to find gold. Here are some tips we can learn from the notable Berean Church.

1. Be Zealous for God’s Word “they received the message with great eagerness…” Do you crave God’s Word, are you zealous for His truth in your life.

2. Be consistent in God’s Word. “… [they] examined the Scriptures every day”. The Bereans not only read daily, but examined it daily. They put God’s Word under a microscope truly desiring not just to know what it said, but also what it meant, and how they could live God’s Word. Do you read God’s Word today, what about yesterday? Do you read EVERY DAY? If not, why not? Isn’t God’s Word valuable enough to dig into daily to you?

3. Be purposeful with God’s Word. “…[They] examined…to see if what Paul said was true.” The Bereans went into the Word of God for a purpose not just religious duty. They were seeing if Paul’s Word’s were accurate according to God’s Word. Knowing God’s Word this way gives one discernment, as one can gain the ability to filter what is preached, through God’s to see if what “Reverend” is speaking truth. If you are a truth digger, then you will know when a counterfeit is spoken, because God’s Word is the truth standard. Be zealous for God’s Word, consistent in God’s Word, and purposeful with God’s Word. Until the nets are filled…Blessings, Pastor Phil <>

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