A Need To Rest, by Evans Olang

Genesis 2:1-3, “ … Then God blessed the seventh day and satisfied if, because in it He rested…”

In this fast-paced world in which we live, the very thing we need to do is what we often don’t do: We need to simply sit still and open our heart to the counsel of God. Then we will be prepared for whatever the day brings. I’m talking about rest this morning, a struggle to many including myself. There is no one who understands rest like God and we see this being recorded in the book of Genesis 2:1-3, “Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, andHe rested on the seventh day… ,Then God blessed the seventh day and satisfied if, because in it He rested…” Rest is very important in one’s life and should never be taken lightly.

Sometimes the most godly thing we can do for ourselves is go to sleep. Forget about what happened today and what you could have done better, take a break from what you dealt with today and shut everything out and get yourself in a position of rest. Think of this, applying emergency brakes to a fast moving car will bring the wheels to rest but the car body will still be in motion, that is enough to cause a car flip. I would say that applying the brakes gradually will not only bring the wheels at rest but also the body at the same time. Worrying about what hasn’t happened or what could happen will rob you of peace and rest you desperately need. The mind needs rest, so is the body and the heart too. Troubled water never settles because of troubling winds but we thank God, He is the quiet still water soothing our souls to sleep.

Jesus comes in later and reminds His people what rest is all about, rest from the burdens of sins.. We know that there can be no true rest outside Christ and the reason is simple, if you are going to rest, you going to have to give up on what is stopping you from resting. In this case, Jesus has offered to take off our hands what we are holding on to that in turn we might have the true rest in Him. He says, “Come to Me” which is an action word meaning move from where you are to where He is, “All you who labor (weary) and are heavy laden (burdened)” this is the reason why you and I need to move,“And I will give you rest” then end result if we do what He ask of us. The main reason for this rest is rest from the burden of sin but has also benefits to the rest in our bodies. If you’ve received rest from your burden of sin, ask for rest for your weary body.

I do believe that you could rest even when working for you are not dealing with things by yourself.Mathew 11:29, “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me”, Though the text has a unique meaning, I could take a principle and apply it in this was, “take my advice, allow me to help you, let me give you directions and strategies and learn all these things I am teaching you“. The bible says that, “The joy of the Lord is my strength” Nehemiah 8:10, and His strength will sustain you, you have a chance to come to Him for rest and energy again.“For I am gentle, and lowly (humble) of heart, and you will find rest for your souls”. I love the way He says it, you could rest your body and not rest your mind but the Lord is giving the total package, He will not scream at you and He will not even put you down all He wants to do is give you the rest you need. Hide you under the shadow of His wings like a chicken that covers her chicks.Mathew 11:30, “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light”. The yoke put on the oxen is used to keep them focused, moving in the same direction but with a purpose and it’s heavy. The Lord is saying, I will take the yoke you are used to and I will give you mine which is easy, I will guide you, I will be on your side and the burden I have for you is very light cause I am carrying yours which is heavy. Who can resist such an offer?

Perhaps the words of the carpenter, promising rest, is so compelling because of our endless desire and quest to rest. Do you want rest? Do you know where to find rest? The Father rested and sanctified it, the Son called and offered it, will you choose to receive it? If you want to bring under control a fast paced life style, you must eliminate the unnecessary and concentrate on the necessary by wanting to be where God wants you to be. My soul is at rest, my mind is renewed, there is no greater joy than Him being present. Blessings Ev

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