Practical Living, Part 1of3, by Evans Olang

2kings 4:18, “And the child grew. Now it happened one day that he went out to his father, to the reapers. 19, and he said to his father, “my head, my head!” so he said to a servant, “carry him to his mother.”

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor, Ecclesiastes 4:9. They say, “many hands make work light”. For a responsibility to be accomplished, there has to be someone or some responsible people to accomplish it. It’s good to be responsible as it eliminates a lot of aggravations. I don’t like to fool around with irresponsible people because they are a burden. Responsible people are easy to work with, they are reliable, accountable, able to make moral or rational decisions, can be trusted, need minimum or no supervision, can make good judgments and act on them and they are sensitive.

I believe a good marriage is also based on being responsible. It’s one of the ingredients to a successful lasting marriage. Working together as a team and accomplishing what needs to be accomplished together. I know of wives who hope their husbands would learn more on how to be responsible. See things they need to work on and not be told or nagged to do them, a husband who is sensitive to the needs of his wife. Knowing how and when to step in and help, many times going out of his way to do things for her that he never feels comfortable doing or he is not used to simply because he loves her. Not doing things out of obligation but out of love. I would think they are asking for too much. Imagine for a wife who works coming home after a long day at work and may be the husband got home early, got some time to relax in front of TV. I would say it will be responsible for the relaxed husband to help ease up the burden the wife has had by starting dinner, or maybe helping clean, getting her tea ready when she comes home. Let her sit and relax too. This is doing the right thing without being told. If working in the kitchen together, one doing dishes and the other cooking, talking and catching up. This makes work easy, opens doors of communication and being on the same page. I don’t believe a wife needs another mama’s boy who she has to tell what he should and shouldn’t do. I thank God for a mom and a dad who set such a high standard for me to learn and live by. God bless them.

I would like to take this biblical story and share some practical lessons for us all. I love the story of the Shunnamite woman.They called her the notable (great) woman. Very sensitive to other people’s needs. In this case to a man of God by the name of Elisha. She has a void in her life, has no child but none of that steals her character. She does everything she can and knows how, to make sure that the man of God is fed and is well cared for. Husbands, thank God for your notable wives. After sometime, she receives a gift inform of a child spoken in her life and indeed it comes to pass. Not only is she blessed but her husband is blessed too because he has a son in his old age. A son he can pass his inheritance to. As the son grew it happens that one time while working with his father, he became sick and what does the father do, he tells the servants to take him to his mother. As long as it’s whole, it’s our responsibility, but when it’s broken, it’s your responsibility. The priest of the home should be responsible, in control, doing everything he can with the help of his partner (wife) to take care of a responsibility (son). Be it broken or not, it’s “our”, putting thoughts together, using different abilities and skills, strengthening one another during tough time and not tearing or making it difficult for the other person. This is practical living. To continue. Blessings Ev

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