When The Going Gets Tough…, Part 1of5, Evans Olang

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2Timothy 2:1-13, vs. “2 …You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ”

At the beginning of each year as I turn on Christian TV, I always hear things such as “this is the year of favor”, “God has promised to do something spectacular in your life this new year” among many promises. While listening, not always do all these things come to pass.

We are sometimes promised things Jesus never promised believers. We then come to another new year and the cycle of promises continues. With many episodes of situations we’ve experienced as a family and no doubt you’ve had your own experiences, do we ever sit and wonder whether we are fire proofed for the perilous times to come?

Jesus warned of difficult days a head, read Matthew 24 for instance. To our shame as servants of the Lord, we’ve prepped believers for blessings, but rarely have we taken time to prepare believers for difficult times ahead. If you’ve realized, the world is not changing for the better, it’s getting worse and worse, getting darker and scary and as believers we better get ready for those difficult times. Someone once said, “tough times don’t last, tough people do”. While the difficult times may not spare His children, God is going to require His children to shine brighter in the midst of difficult times. I believe that unless His children prepare or are prepared for those times, many will crumble.

In response to what we are facing, I came across a pamphlet that left me thinking in preparation for a snow storm. You know some of the good tips they give, they say begin by filling your cars with gasoline. This may save your life if you’re in your car and end up stuck in the snow. Keep a blanket, water, food, a little bit of sand and shovel in your car at all times, this will come in handy if you get stuck in the snow. Even if you can’t dig yourself out, the blanket, food and water will sustain you until help arrives. Charge your cell phone. You may lose home phone service during a snow storm, and you’ll need your cell phone battery charged to call for help in the event of an emergency. Go food shopping, get plenty of non-perishables ready-to-eat food, store water. You will want one gallon of water per person per day. Get plenty of firewood! You’ll need dry firewood as a heat source in the event that you loose power during the snow storm. Some winter storms – ice storms, especially – can result in power outages that last days, sometimes more than a week!.

You don’t need to prepare if there is no storm a head, but if there is, you owe it to your good senses to pay attention. To point out, these are more than good suggestions, they are preparation to make you comfortable in the storm to come (mark that I am not using the word happy). To be caught unaware and unprepared in the storm is deadly and so is being unprepared in our spiritual walk. While what I mentioned above are physical preparations, as a believer we need to be spiritually ready. We better be like the 5 wise virgins who had oil in their lamps burning even at midnight when the groom arrived. We better be ready to have our lamps burning brighter in the midst of the storm, wind etc. to continue…Blessings Ev


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