According To The Power That Works in Us, Part 1of4, Evans Olang

Ephesians 1:19, “..And what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power”; Ephesians 3:20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us”; Philippians 3:10

The word power has been the running through my mind for some time now, even greater in the last week when the Lord intensified my meditation on it. This was confirmed by my pastor’s preaching this Sunday as he addressed among other things the power of the Holy Ghost. It’s sad when we see people mock God and His power. His power is being abused by many false teachers and true but sad, many genuine believers have distanced themselves from this power because of the abuse by others. Then there are those who are afraid of it.

It was in 1940’s in Sudan Africa while witnessing to a Muslim, Paris Reidhead (one of favorite preachers) was left puzzled about God’s power when a Muslim he had been witnessing to for weeks asked him a tough question, “What can your living Jesus do today that our dead Mohammed can’t?”. For five long years Reidhead’s Mohammedan friend’s question had been as a sword behind him driving him to the Bible to read, study, search, and believe, for there lies the power of God. There lies the need for the power not for programs and man’s fulfilement but for demonstration to the world. I believe preaching the word still lies the power to salvation and I also believe in demonstration of God’s power in other areas (healing, provisions etc) are great testimonies to His ability to silence the mouths of mockers. This makes us Christians different from other religions.

Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians opens with greetings and prayer for them as he heard of their faith in Christ. One of his prayer to God for them was that they would know “…what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power”. He knew of their faith, he prayed for them to desire and know the greater power of God in a believer that would serve God’s purpose for His glory. “The Excellency of faith is declared by the effects, because the mighty power of God is set forth and shown in them. It happens as the hunger for God is a desire activated by the power of God by faith”

John Gill’s exposition explains, “This power is that which is exerted in the implantation of faith, and in the continuance of it, and in the finishing of that work. This is a great power, an exceeding great one, a super eminent one; which is attended with energy and efficacy, and is irresistible and insuperable. The greatness of this power as displayed in the work of conversion and faith appears, if it be considered what the work itself is called, a creation, a resurrection from the dead, a regeneration, and a transformation of the man into another man, which must needs require almighty power; as well as what is then done, some things are removed. Satan is dispossessed, the stony heart is taken away, the enmity is slain, the old man is put down from His throne, and put off with His deeds; and there are some things wrought. Christ is formed in the soul, His grace is implanted, His image is stamped on, a new heart is given, and principles of light and life, of grace and holiness are put. The understanding is enlightened, the will is subdued, the affections are set on other objects, and the mind and conscience are cleansed and purified; and the means of this are the ministers, and ministry of the word, which are weak, foolish, and contemptible, in the eyes of men; to which may be added, the opposition made both from within and from without, from a sinful heart, a tempting devil, and an ensnaring, reproaching, and persecuting world: so that this work of faith cannot be ascribed to anything short of the exceeding greatness of divine power; and which is seen in supporting faith when it is wrought, under great discouragements; in delivering believers out of divers temptations; in assisting them to discharge their duty, and in their final perseverance: and to increase the idea of this power it is added

According to the working of His mighty power, or “according to the energy of the might of His power”: the strength of His power, in all the mighty energy of it, is exerted towards and upon believers; and which they should know, own, and acknowledge, to the glory of the grace of God: and this is in proportion, and agreeably to that power. “What can your living Jesus do today that our dead Mohammed can’t?”, He gives power to the unworthy to serve His purpose to reach Mohammedian’s and others like him.

Do you truly know this power? Are you shying away and distancing yourself from it? You and I need this power. Let’s make this our prayer earnestly as Paul prayed for the Ephesians, it is very important. Blessings Ev

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